Yoni Massage in Bangkok

Relaxing and Healing Massage for Women 

The ultimate stress relaxation for women by a woman. The yoni massage is for every woman on this earth who wants to get in touch with her body and her soul. It can heal traumas, help you work through emotions, lessen tensions and develop a way to learn to achieve the big “O”. A genuine yoni massage is an emotional and spiritual journey of touch. It is an opportunity to simply receive without any expectation being placed on you.It can be very beneficial for women that have been abused in the past either mentally or physically and want to regain their sensuality and sexuality. It is great for women who are longing for the touch of another person or women who are not receiving enough pleasure from their partners or who are always expected to offer something in return. I am a trained and qualified therapist who specializes in this special massage for females. I am a woman who knows the female body.
Sex Therapist
Melissa Jane


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