Your Relationship Matters

Relationship or marital problems come in all shapes and sizes. So, If you’re feeling distraught, worn out or desperate for help then please remember that you are not alone, and you are now in the right place.

As a qualified and experienced couple counsellor I have been with many individuals and couples who have experienced these feelings. My expert knowledge has allowed me to help them to understand how and why they are struggling. They learned how to deal with their problems, solve them and move forward.

I really hope that I can help you too, no matter what problems you are experiencing. I have listed below the most common relationship problems which is the best way for your exploration to begin…

Here is the list of the most common relationship problems my clients most often came to see me for.

 Affairs / infidelity / cheating: This includes emotional infidelity, one-night stands, internet relationships (including ‘sexting’), long- and short-term affairs

 Sexual Problems, particularly loss of libido (Male and Female) and including questions

around your gender (bisexual?), or your partner’s gender (bisexual?)

 Significant differences in core values and beliefs

 Life stages – you have “outgrown” each other or have “changed” significantly for whatever reason

 Traumatic and/or Life-Changing Events

 Bored with your relationship

 Dealing with a jealous partner

 Unrealistic Expectations – still thinking your partner / spouse is the princess / prince and not seeing the “real”human being

 Addictions (all forms)

 Lack of support during particularly difficult times from people that matter to you

 Manipulation or over-involvement in your relationships with family or friends

 Lack of communication about important matters

 Poor division of and / or one-sided lack of responsibility for chores and tasks. It is not

always women who complain about this relationship problem!

 Perceived lack of concern, care and consideration / attentiveness: feeling the relationship is one-sided is a big one!

 Significant personal disappointments and traumas that lead to a change in relationship


 Long term depression or other mental health issues suffered by one partner or both

There are times in all relationships when things don’t run smoothly. Often, this is because people have conflicting expectations, are distracted with other issues, or have difficulty expressing what is on their minds in ways that other people can really hear and understand what is being said.

Sometimes they just don’t know what to do to make a good relationship.

The most important thing is that you need to do a great deal of careful, respectful listening to what each wants, and a lot of careful, clear communication about what each of you wants. Change of any sort tends to be at least a little stressful, yet because it is inevitable, welcoming change as an opportunity to enhance the relationship is more fruitful than trying to keep change from happening.

Planning for changes together can lead the relationship into new and exciting places.


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