Sexual Problems and Conflicts in a Relationship

Sexual problems are one of the most common sources of conflict in a relationship and are often also the reason for divorce and miscommunication. This is a specialized field and can help to solve problems within the marriage or relationship.

When you have an emotional relationship with somebody where you feel safe and comfortable, must your physical relationship also grow as your emotional relationship grows? A couple must decide for themselves what sex is for them and what they are comfortable with. This is where a relationship must develop naturally, also the physical.
Couples with sexual problems normally have relationship problems too, but also the other way around – relationship problems can also create sexual problems. It’s almost impossible to try to solve a problem like this if both parties are not willing to work on it. Even if sexual dysfunction is the result of a medical problem and should be solved with medication, a person should still make the partner part of the solution.
Don’t wait until the problem is too big or unsolvable. Sometimes giving permission, getting information, advice and medical treatment can cause a dramatic improvement in a sexual relationship. Poor communication and conflict that gets worse and is not resolved must also be addressed by a professional person.

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