Penis fact

Can You break your penis?

Relax — it’s not common. But it’s possible. The penis has no bones. It has chambers that fill up with blood when you’re erect. If you push too hard and bend it too far, the chambers can tear. It can happen if you slip out during sex and thrust against your partner’s body. Along with pain, you might hear a popping sound. Afterward you may be swollen and bruised. Surgery is usually the best treatment.

What’s the usual age for a first erection?

Some boys are born with erections. Ultrasounds show that babies can have them in the womb. A baby’s erections aren’t sexual. Stimulation can cause them — they’re common during diaper changes.

Should I worry about little bumps on my penis?

Things that look like goose bumps along the shaft of your penis or scrotum are common. They’re usually pimples or ingrown hairs. Lots of guys have harmless rings of little bumps around the head of the penis called pearly penile papules. That said, if you notice new bumps, ones beneath the surface of your skin or scrotum, or something that hurts, oozes, or bleeds, then go see your doctor.

How long is the average erect penis?

A lot of guys think they’re smaller than they actually are. Part of it is your angle — when you’re looking down, you look stubbier than you would to someone else. 5 to 6.5 inches are very normal, so don’t worry . Some guys with average penises get obsessed with the idea that they’re small. They have a psychological condition called penile dysmorphic disorder. While much less serious, it’s similar to people with anorexia who think they look fat no matter how thin they really are.

It’s normal to have erections while you sleep?

It’s natural to wake up with “morning wood.” Men usually have three to five erections each night, often while they dream. We don’t know why they happen, but they might help keep your penis healthy.

If you’re having sexual problems, your consultant might check for nighttime erections. If you have them, your issues are probably related to stress or anxiety. If you don’t, you might have a medical or psychological problem.

Masturbating more than five times a week is unhealthy?

Are you masturbating too much? Probably not. Guys get hung up on the number. How many times is normal? But there is no such figure. Some guys masturbate a lot and some don’t. It’s a problem if you masturbate so much that it interferes with school, work, or relationships. Otherwise, it really doesn’t matter.

Is it normal for my penis to hang to one side?

Penises usually look a little uneven. They may naturally hang to the left or right. Usually, the right testicle is a little bigger and the left testicle hangs a little lower. You may also have a slight tilt to the left or right when you’re erect. But if your penis has a dramatic bend when erect — especially if it hurts — check with your consultant. Peyronie’s disease is one cause, and treatment can help.

At age 40, how many guys have ED?

40%, you are Not alone. Erectile dysfunction gets more common as you grow older. By age 70, 70% of guys have it. But just because it gets more common doesn’t mean you’ll get it or that it’s normal. Instead, it’s usually a sign of other health conditions that you can get treated for, like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, or obesity. Talk to your Consultant.

Sex Therapist and Relationship Expert

Melissa Jane


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