Psychotherapy and Sexology

I have more than 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist and sexologist. I work with individuals, couples, and families seeking support in relationship problems, communication, intimacy, divorce adjustment, anxiety, depression, transgender, parenting, grief, and addiction.
* Provide counseling and psychotherapy services for adults, couples, families and groups.
*Consultation for medical professionals, and mental health practitioners
*Supervision for mental health interns, art therapists, sex therapists.
*Presenter, lecturer, advisor and teacher.
*Participate in treatment planning.
*Conduct individual, couples, and family sessions.
*Provide initial assessments/evaluations.
*Specializing in treatment of anxiety and phobias.
*Provide counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups.
Everything will be strictly confidential and respectful.
Everything will be tailor made just for you.
Personal meetings – Bangkok
Skype and Online Consultation –¬†World wide
Sex Therapist and Relationship Expert
Melissa Jane


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