You feel like a zombie. You wade through treacle. And your sexuality is hit by a triple negative. You lose desire for your partner. You lose sex drive for anyone or anything else.

The holiday season is upon us and the opportunities for romance often increases, which means you can go to really interesting places and spend most of the time in bed having sex. Or seeing interesting things, I guess, whatever. But vacation sex beats regular sex, every time. You don’t have any  obligations. If you decide to stay in because you’re right in the middle of some great sex, the worst thing you’ll miss is a brunch or a guided bus tour.

Do something different, you have time ; The furniture is basically begging for it. Have. Sex. On. Everything.

Relax, You ever try to crank out your orgasm fast so you can still get a good night’s sleep for work the next day? Not on vacation you haven’t.

Shower together. Either wake up early or let the kids watch TV while you’re in the shower.

Take advantage of kid’s camp – Drop the kids off and head back to your room for some extracurricular activities of your own.

Add up a few new traditions to the old ones

Have really loud sex – You might be surprised at the results.

Have a quickie – While waiting for Santa, kids will be busy looking for him.

Sex Toys – Perfect time for that little extra gift.

Rough Sex – is great every once in a while and it doesn’t always have to be your man who’s in charge. Take the lead and let him know who’s boss

Five reasons why we have more sex on holidays!

1. Less stress
2. More time together
3. Weather / Atmosphere
4. Not as tired
5. Alcohol

Happy and hot holiday season

Mistletoe Madness – Have Happy-Holiday Sex – Naughty Nibbles


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