Common Relationship Conflicts

Common Relationship Conflicts – People usually feel happy and content when they are in a loving relationship. They enjoy spending time with their partners and find comfort together. Couples fight over many things including finances, work, parenting, sex and trust issues. The most common misconception today is that fighting or arguing is a sign of an unhealthy relationship and this is far from the truth. When times are good relationships are about joy and happiness but at times, people get into conflicts and disagreements with one another.

Relax it is natural to disagree as you both have individual opinions and concerns. This is a perfectly normal part of a healthy relationship. Conflicts within relationships are actually a part of the package. Knowing this simple fact can be the difference between a break up or make up. There are many reasons for conflicts, arguments and fights, Figuring out the underlying causes of those disagreements can start the heeling process in your relationship. Try to focus on the root of the problems rather then the individual conflicts. Here are some root conflicts to help you get started in the process.

Lack of Direct Communication.

Open and honest communication is one of the major tools which are required for a healthy relationship. When you are not communicating with your partner properly you can end up with issues and disagreements. Lack of communication can easily distort your relationship in negative ways. Try to communicate how you feel, what you like, what you don’t like and your concerns to avoid miscommunication and conflicts.

Unresolved Misunderstandings.

Unresolved misunderstandings are poisonous to your relationship. It is very important that you sort out your misunderstandings. Unresolved problems are the main reason that couples have repeat conflicts on singular topics. Always try to resolve your disagreement rather then just sweeping it under the rug. Misunderstandings have a nasty habit of resurfacing at the wrong times. A small disagreement that is ignored and stashed away could become one of the huge conflicts that ruin your relationship.

Stubbornness & Differences.

It is not a necessity that you and your partner share the same opinion all the time. You may share a relationship but you view it from different stances and have different views. It is important to remember that your partners difference of opinion doesn’t reflect on how they feel about you. Always try to understand your partners point of view and try to keep your stubbornness in check. Always try to be understanding and receptive to criticism because no one is perfect and no one is right all of the time.

Views on Commitment and Marriage.

People get into relationships for many different reasons. Some want long standing relationships while others are just out there to have fun. When people get together with different and undisclosed goals it leads to disagreements and conflicts. Try and be outspoken about your current and future goals and make sure you are on the same page to curve disagreements and conflicts.

Resisting change.

While it is true that you must respect the individuality of the person you are with and learn to love them for who they are it is also pertinent to try to remember that you are now not just an individual but half of a partnership. Always keep in mind that every one of your actions effects your partner. Also remember that some change is inevitable to truly comfort your partner. Changing your actions, how you behave or what you believe in is not always a very smooth transition. You have feelings that should be respected and understood. You are happy with who you are and view any change as a controlling factor. Try to respect each other while holding on to the individuality that attracted your partner in the first place. Try to understand that it may be controlling when the person you are with demands you change but conforming by choice is a relationship choice not a control.

Your relationship does not have to continue unsatisfactorily. There is help, you just need to reach out and seek it before the problems get worse and unresolved. I can help by offering detailed and effective advice that will guide you into finding the methods and solutions that will not only improve your conflicting situations, but will also help you build a stronger, more open, understanding and more loving relationship with your partner, so that you do not have to trap yourself in the same conflicting patterns.


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