Melissa Jane

My name is Melissa Jane and I am a sex therapist and relationship consultant from America. I can help and support you and your partner when it comes to any sexual issues and miscommunications or just to add spark and spice to your sex life and make it a little bit more exciting.I have more than 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist and sexologist.
I work with individuals, couples, and families seeking support in relationship problems, communication issues, infidelity, intimacy and sex  problems, divorce adjustment, anxiety, depression, transgender, parenting, grief and addictions.Sexual problems are one of the most common sources of conflict in a relationship and are often also the reason for divorce and miscommunication.
This is a specialized field and can help to solve problems within the marriage or relationship.I believe in a holistic, multi-professional approach. These things work on body, soul and a spiritual level. Sex therapy and marriage counseling can’t be successfully done with only one person, and you can seldom focus only on the physiological dysfunction, seeing as there is an overflow effect.
Sexual problems must be solved within a relationship context. Sex therapy combines sex education, relationship counseling and sexual exercises.I have a problem with the word “sex” because everyone’s definition of sex is different. For me it matters where a relationship begins. When you have an emotional relationship with somebody where you feel safe and comfortable, must your physical relationship also grow as your emotional relationship grows?I see daily how people have buried their sexuality. A couple must decide for themselves what sex is for them and what they are comfortable with. This is where a relationship must develop naturally, also the physical.Unfortunately people get too physical in the “in love” stage, and even have sex. There is nothing as bad as when you are looking for love and acceptance and then instead get sex that is not equal to love. It is often said that couples must ensure that they are sexually compatible before they get married. A penis and a vagina are made to be compatible. A person must ensure that you are emotionally, intellectually and spiritually compatible and that doesn’t happen easily if you are already on the physical road.
Couples with sexual problems normally have relationship problems too, but also the other way around – relationship problems can also create sexual problems. It’s almost impossible to try to solve a problem like this if both parties are not willing to work on it. Even if sexual dysfunction is the result of a medical problem and should be solved with medication, a person should still make the partner part of the solution. 
Sex is a two-way street meaning that it takes two to tango. Relationships force you to confront your own issues, problems and hurts. Certain things come to the surface and then counseling is necessary. You can start with yourself and then change the energy of the relationship. If you change how you handle the dynamics of the relationship, you also force your partner to change, and often it is a case of “I want what you have”.Don’t wait until the problem is too big or unsolvable. Sometimes giving permission, getting information, advice and medical treatment can cause a dramatic improvement in a sexual relationship. Poor communication and conflict that gets worse and is not resolved must also be addressed by a professional person.